WAGE$ Testimonials

I’ve always loved children and I thought if I opened up my own child care facility, it would allow me to have the best of both worlds. The WAGE$ supplements helped me purchase additional toys and school materials for my home child care business. I was able to afford a lot of things that I really wouldn’t have been able to do without a struggle. In addition, my friend Sandra and I are both thankful for the WAGE$ staff who helped us in so many ways and who we consider friends. I feel good about what I have achieved. It is never too late to further your education to help children. Only if we help children can they succeed.

— Mary Bryant, WAGE$ Participant

Child Care WAGE$ is a great program. It has provided an avenue for child care providers to broaden their child development horizon and be compensated in the process.

— Irma H. Wesley, Broward County

The (WAGE$) salary supplements always come at the right time- when I am feeling financially depressed and second guessing my ability to remain a teacher. I quickly remember why I love this job.

— Hopewell Preschool, Broward County

I am so proud to be a part of a county who holds high regards for Early Childhood educators in child care centers. So often they do not consider themselves ‘professionals.’ This (WAGE$) helps to uphold the high standards of our profession.

— D. Gadpaille, Brevard County

Thank you for valuing Early Childhood teachers! This (WAGE$) project helps to enhance our classrooms and our children’s learning experiences. Children deserve the best a teacher can give them and you have helped me give them my best.

— Anonymous, Palm Beach County

After working in this field for so long, it’s very nice to see that finally someone is realizing what an important job this is.

— M. Aragon, Broward County

Our teachers have motivation to further their education now that we participate with WAGE$ and their continued education directly benefits our children.

— Kiddie Kampus, Miami-Dade County

Keep this program in place; the teachers appreciate the extra compensation.

— Apollo Preschool of Melbourne, Brevard County

Higher education has improved staff skills leading to greater interaction with children in a developmentally appropriate environment.

— East Coast Migrant, Palm Beach County

This has empowered my staff to take risks in their classrooms and feel more confident in explaining the power of play to our families.

— Broward Children’s Center, Broward County

When you have teachers that are qualified and happy, only the children can from this. Happy teachers + happy children = happy children ready to learn.

— Happy Cubs, Manatee County

When you feel appreciated you feel better about yourself and you pass those feeling on. You have a lot more to give a child when you have less stress.

— Dina Green, Broward County

I can’t think of anything that would make Child Care WAGE$® Florida Project better. It has been wonderful to receive money that was unexpected when we got it. It is nice to be appreciated and recognized for hard work and a job well done that benefits me and my family.

— Cheryl Oliphant, Brevard County