QCCC Testimonials

I began my career in child care three years ago as a floater and then became a teacher’s assistant. Because of help from the Quality Counts Career Center, I am now a lead teacher. The program has helped me gain knowledge and also awakened my creativity that has served as a tool for a fun, safe and educational environment. I am proud to mention that recently I was observed and assessed by a Quality Counts Quality Rating Improvement team member and I am happy to say that the class was up to standard requirements with just a minimum amount of faults. Through the observations, it was mentioned that my skills were of a quality of a teacher that has been in the system for 15 or more years. All thanks to the program and those who believed in me.

— Lisette Santos

I have a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Havana, Cuba where I worked for 26 years until I resigned and left the country. I had no hope that I would ever use my diploma. Fortunately for me this did not occur. The Quality Counts program has provided me with the opportunity of taking 18 college credits. I consider these courses to be excellent. It would be good to continue to provide this opportunity to the many people that teach the children in our county, and to make a reality of the phrase of our noble program ‘Quality Counts’.

— Ana Hechavarria

All the experiences I have encountered in my coursework, made possible through the Quality Counts Career Center, have been excellent. Not only have the courses helped me to be a better teacher but I also learned much more. Taking “online” classes and using the computer to present projects have been new learning experiences. I now feel better prepared to work with the children. I believe it has helped me grow professionally and personally.

— Lissette Hernandez, Alpha y Omega B.A. and Master in Nutrition

I feel very happy to have received a scholarship from the Quality Counts Career Center and complete my coursework in early childhood. I have incorporated my new understandings by expanding and implementing teaching strategies with the children in my classroom. This class has provided opportunities to interact with teachers from other centers, experiences that I consider very positive. The teachers are well prepared and are working diligently to help children and their parents in the learning processes.

— Margarita Perdigón

The Quality Counts Career Center is helping me to continue my education; facilitating the necessary tools to become a better educated educator. The program helps me financially; without it I won’t be able to get my 18 credits in early childhood education. I also learned new strategies and a more efficient way of organizing my classroom for a better learning environment. I’m thankful for Kenia Najera, my Quality Counts counselor. All my doubts and question were answered and also she guided me through the whole process. I am currently taking college courses to finish my 18 credits in early childhood education.

— Ivelisse Adames