Professional Development Registry Services


What is the Forum’s Professional Development Registry (PDR)?

The Forum’s Professional Development Registry (PDR) is a database of the verified education, training, and certifications of Early Care and Education providers (ECE). We rigorously verify the submitted documents and claims of training and education so that our PDR can provide a solid basis for workforce studies, policy development, and scholarship or other monetary awards and incentives.

The Forum has been working with PDRs since 2007, when we first contracted with The Children’s Trust to develop a PDR for their Quality Counts program.  Since then we have continued to develop the Miami-Dade PDR as well as contracting with the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County in 2014 to operate their PDR.

The two PDRs in Florida are the:

While many states have some version of a PDR, the Forum’s PDR (built with funding from The Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade county) was designed from scratch specifically to work well with the diverse population of Florida.

The Forum PDR (the Miami-Dade model) Features:

  • Adherence to the National Workforce Registry Alliance (NWRA) best practices and policies
  • Certification of meeting the Partnership Eligibility Review (PER) of the NWRA, which means that our system has been certified as meeting the national standards and can participate in national data studies, among other things.
  • Integration of Scholarship Management Tools within the PDR to facilitate granting and reporting about scholarships
  • Integration of Scholarship fund tracking within the PDR provides a full audit trail for any money awarded towards scholarships.
  • Comprehensive workforce data collection to provide an informed view of our ECE workforce to inform policy.
  • An integrated electronic Document Management System (DMS) to instantly produce an electronic copy of any and all documents from wherever the document is cited in the PDR.  (Many PDRs rely on maintaining paper copies or are only now trying to bring in an electronic DMS, or have a separate DMS.)
  • The ability to accept and review all the teachers at a center at once as well as individual teachers, one at a time.
  • Development of the Miami-Dade PDR model has been paid for by The Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade county with the understanding that it would be made available for no licensing fees to Early Learning Coalitions, Counties, other Children’s Services Councils, and the state of Florida.

If you would like more information about our PDR or PDR-related services, please contact us at: