Eligibility Criteria

Children’s Forum CARES

(Crisis Assistance, Relief, and Emergency Support)

When child care programs need a helping hand…

We don’t want to see this sign on anyone’s door. If your child care program is having trouble keeping your doors open due to a disaster or crisis, let us know. We serve programs in Leon, Gadsen, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties in Florida.

The main criterion for eligibility is that the requesting center will be unlikely to continue in existence in the immediate future. The following circumstances will be considered:

  • The center is currently closed and is unlikely to reopen without assistance.
  • The center is currently open, but is likely to close without assistance.
  • The center does not have access to other crisis assistance programs or sources of assistance.
  • The center operates in a geographic region with high poverty rates.
  • The center demonstrates other compelling needs related to the circumstances of the center.