Scholarship Management

formICONThe Forum has years of experience managing scholarship and scholarship-supporting programs. Scholarship programs require diligent attention and monitoring to be sure that the scholarship dollars being awarded are being utilized to the highest level, properly tracked and the results monitored and reported.

The Forum uses a combination of systems to accomplish scholarship goals. Some of these are supplied through licensed programs, such as the T.E.A.C.H. program from North Carolina’s Child Care Resources, while others have been developed internally by the Forum, such as for the Miami-Dade County Quality Counts scholarship program, the After-School WAGE$® Program, and the Broward County online Scholarship programs.

These systems include the tracking and accounting components needed to follow and document every step of the scholarship process so that both accountability and performance measurement are possible down to both financial and operational audit levels. No scholarship program can be successful (or even evaluated) without these components.

The knowledge and skills to properly understand and administer a successful scholarship program are not easily acquired, so the Forum’s years of experience (since the late 1990’s) make this one of its core strengths.