Guiding Principles

CirclePic1Good public policy is informed by research. The use of sound research to increase awareness and advocacy on children’s issues and the field of child care and early learning is fundamental. Our guiding principles, therefore, are informed by research and best practices:

  • Parents are the primary educators of their children; yet some parents face barriers that seriously limit their ability to be effective parents. Proven programs and adequate resources must be available to assist parents in achieving the best possible outcomes for their children.
  • The foundation for physical, social and emotional capabilities is largely set during children’s first few years of life and is essential to their future cognitive and academic success as well as their ability to function well in society.
  • Children have the right to warm, responsive, and nurturing care from their parents and caregivers.
  • Children are entitled to high quality early learning experiences including before and after school enrichment provided both by their parents and by compassionate, knowledgeable, and trained practitioners as well.
  • Families of children with disabilities and special health care needs have unique challenges and should have access to services and adequate resources designed to meet their needs and assistance to navigate systems that can help support them.
  • Formal education and ongoing professional development for practitioners are critical to the optimum development of children given the correlation between practitioner knowledge, skills, and practices and improved child outcomes for later success.
  • Compensation parity for early childhood and afterschool practitioners must be promoted to positively impact recruitment, retention, quality and commitment to the field.
  • Collaboration with other local, state, and national organizations/agencies is the most effective strategy for supporting children, families, and practitioners to achieve shared goals.
  • Professionalism, accountability, honesty, respect, integrity and excellence are minimum expectations for Forum staff and members of the board of directors.