Charting the Progress 2005

Quality child care and early education provides a system of support for children and families. The level and intensity of support varies depending on the needs of families and the resources available in communities to help.

This report is framed by three issues: quality, availability, and affordability. These three issues are often referred to as the “trilemma” of early education. The terms “child care” and “early education” used throughout this resource are inclusive of early learning programs, school readiness, and preschool services for children birth to age five and services for school-age children up to age 12 during out-of-school time.

Use this data to assess the value of early education in Florida.

Quality, affordability, and availability of services are three critical factors to consider in examining the child care and early education system. These three issues are often referred to as the “trilemma” of early education. Charting the Progress in Child Care and Early Education is a compilation of data related to this trilemma in Florida. Trend and other data are included in this edition from a variety of sources. These various perspectives (local, urban, rural, and state) provide us with an opportunity to better examine system nuances. This resource can be a valuable tool as we adjust our lens and sharpen our focus to more effectively address the needs of our children, families, employers, and early education workforce.

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    • Acknowledgements
    • The State of Florida’s Children Executive Summary
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    • Affordability
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  • Appendices
    • A – Useful Web Sites
    • B – Florida Program Contacts
    • C – Early Learning Coalitions
    • D – Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies
    • E – Degreed Programs in Florida for Early Childhood/Child Development
    • F – County Data Matrix