Help Me Grow

CirclePic2Help Me Grow is a system for early identification of developmental, behavioral, learning or health concerns that links children and their families to community-based services and supports. Families, child health professionals, early care and education, and human social services providers often struggle with recognizing the early signs of developmental or behavioral concerns.

Too often, children miss out on the early detection and intervention that is so critical for optimal outcomes. Even when a concern is identified, finding a program to address a child’s specific needs can be challenging and confusing. Help Me Grow provides a solution to this problem.

Help Me Grow is an efficient system of early detection that provides standardized screening and utilizes existing  community-based programs and services to meet children’s needs. Help Me Grow builds collaboration among community programs, provides a centralized access point for information and referral, promotes surveillance and screenings, and educates and informs the community.

The core components of Help Me Grow have been shown to decrease medical costs, build family resilience and protective factors, as well as maximize the efficiency of social service networks by creating a pathway for access to services through a central utilization model. Help Me Grow does not duplicate existing services. Rather, it is a system for improving access to existing resources and services for children through age eight. The central  components are:

  • A telephone access point that links families of young children with sources of support and services to address concerns about health, development, behavior and learning in a child’s first eight years of life.
  • Child health care and education provider outreach trainings to educate our community about child development and the importance of early detection and intervention.
  • Community outreach to promote the use of Help Me Grow and to provide networking opportunities for the community.
  • Data collection to understand all aspects of the Help Me Grow system, including the identification of gaps and barriers in order to provide more effective services.