Forum CARES proudly participates in
November 28, 2017
to everyone who donated to
Children’s Forum CARES in 2016!


Children’s Forum Joins the Global #GivingTuesday Movement

The Children’s Forum has joined #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. Through our Forum CARES program, we can provide timely response and relief to child care programs impacted by disaster, trauma, or critical need such as flooding, fire, and criminal acts in Leon, Gadsen, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties.

#GivingTuesday is held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In reaction to Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumerism, #GivingTuesday inspires people to collaborate in improving their local communities and to give back in impactful ways to the charities and causes they support.  This year, #GivingTuesday is on November 28.

You can donate any amount beginning with $1.00. Your donation can provide items such as:

 Donation Amount Example Items
 $5.00 Cleaning supplies (e.g., bleach, soap, paper towels)
3 children’s tooth brushes/tooth paste
 $10.00 1 Personal Comfort Kit (blanket, toy, change of clothes)
1 set of wooden puzzles
 $15.00 Classroom supplies (e.g., art supplies, paper, crayons)
1 pkg each of diapers/wipes
 $20.00 2 meals/snacks for a child for a week
Set of books (6 books)
 $40.00 1 resting/nap cot
2 gallons of paint
 $60.00 1 hour of handyman services
1 hour of trauma counseling
 $75.00 1 play time kit (e.g., building blocks, dress-up clothes)
2 hours of outdoor debris removal
 $125.00 1 hour of specialized repairs (electricity, plumbing, etc.)
1 classroom storage unit
 $175.00 Classroom furniture (e.g., table, chairs, book display unit, crib)
3 hours of building restoration (water or smoke damage clean-up)

“If a child care program is closed, parents can’t work,” said Phyllis Kalifeh, President and CEO of the Children’s Forum.  “Forum CARES was created to ensure that child care programs can remain open in times of disaster. We look forward to our next fundraising activity for Forum CARES on #GivingTuesday.”

In 2015, the fourth year of the movement, #GivingTuesday brought together over 45,000 partners in 71 countries and helped raise nearly $117 million online in the US alone.   Maximizing the power of social media, #GivingTuesday creates a worldwide day dedicated to giving back.

Those interested in joining the Forum CARES #GivingTuesday initiative can visit Children’s Forum CARES. For more information on the #GivingTuesday movement, visit the #GivingTuesday website, Facebook page, or follow @GivingTues and the #GivingTuesday hashtag on social media.