Computer Support Info and Downloads

Dynamic DNS Clients for Remote Users that travel or use AirCards

BLAZE Remote Desktop Client – to speed up Remote performance

Use this in place of Remote Desktop to speed up your connection, especially with PDFs

  • For Dell Users: Blaze Client for Windows
  • For Apple Users: Blaze Client for Mac
  • NOTE: If you get a message that the “File is damaged” when you try to install on a Mac, you will need to change your security settings in System Preferences as follows:
  1. Click the Apple in the upper-left-hand corner – select “System Preferences”
  2. Click “Security and Privacy”
  3. Click the lock in the lower left corner of the window – (enter admin user and password)
  4. Click the button to “Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere

Team Viewer Remote Support Tool

  1. Find the download in your “downloads” folder. Double-click to install.
  2. Select Private Non-Commercial Use installation.
  3. Click install.

Changing Password While on Remote Desktop (click change password folder icon)

If you are prompted to change your password while out of the office, or you only connect to the office via Remote Desktop, you will quickly find that the standard method of bringing up the password change, (CTRL-ALT-DEL) will NOT work – it will only allow you to change the password on your LOCAL computer, not Remote.

  • Double-click the yellow folder icon on the desktop labeled “Change Password“.  Select “change a password” from the menu that pops up.
  • Type in your OLD password, followed by your new password and then your new password again.
  • Remember your password 🙂

Remote Desktop Connection for Macintosh clients

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac 10

Install them as usual or:

  1. Find the download in your “downloads” folder. Double-click to install.
  2. Start Remote Desktop Connection
  3. Type in: (or or -and press “connect”

VPN Access

VPN access requires an account as well as the local firewall to be open on port 446.
The address to go to is:

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you are not able to connect to with BLAZE (or Remote Desktop Connection), or the VPN connection, than it is likely
that your internet connection is behind a firewall that is BLOCKING these connections.

To fix, contact the local network administrator about “opening up the following ports on the firewall”
3389 (for Remote Desktop connection)
3399 (for BLAZE)
446 (for VPN)

iPhone/Android/Windows Smartphone Email Setup

Any smartphone needs the following info in order to set up a Children’s Forum Exchange mail account.
Here are Apple-specific instructions:

(Use the link above to walk through the iphone screens.)

You will usually need the following to set up:

  • email: Your email address
  • Domain: FLCHILD  (some times the mail program will want this as: FLCHILD\username)
  • Username: your FORUM – e.g.
  • Password: your FORUM password (just like you login to your office computer)
  • Description: Children’s Forum Email
  • Server:

Recommended Sync Options (you can sync mail, contacts, calendars with the Forum)

  • Mail – ON
  • Contacts – ON
  • Calendars – ON