Website Development & Hosting

These days your website is usually the first impression that a potential client gets of your organization's professionalism, stature, and quality. The Children's Forum knows and understands how difficult it can be to get professional results on a non-profit budget since, as a non-profit ourselves, we have to do it every day.

Leverage our Resources
With the breadth of contracts that we manage, we have pulled together a design and programming team that can make this often overlooked component of your organization shine. And, since we can cover both graphics and website design, we can design your website to coordinate with your printed materials or other media campaigns.

We Have the Talent
From logo creation, newsletters, annual reports and brochures to website design; the Children's Forum has the talent and the staff to make your organization look good on a tight budget.

We Know the ECE Field
The Children's Forum creates and maintains websites for a number of clients, both public and private. Below you can see some examples of the designs and layouts that we have developed on behalf of our clients.

We Have the Tools
We develop sites using CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, as well as industry standard HTML, Javascript, Flash, PHP, PERL, and mySQL/SQL. We also maintain an enterprise-level datacenter that allows us ultimate flexibility in hosting websites and domains, as wells as helping reduce development costs for custom database applications.

For pricing and questions, please contact Bill Kirchhoff at (888)-352-4453