Conference and Event Planning and Management

The Forum’s conference and event managers plan and implement a variety of meetings and conferences each year. As a result of our 25-year history of event planning, our seasoned professionals know how to facilitate the magic that happens when people gather to share ideas, plan strategies, and conduct the business of the early care and education field in a comfortable, well-orchestrated atmosphere.

The Forum can help to alleviate the stress of planning for your organization’s events by:

  • Having a first-hand understanding and knowledge of the nature and needs of the field.
  • Providing a “personal touch” during every step of the planning process.
  • Using our information technology expertise to expedite registration online, generate up-to-the-minute reports, and create dynamic, update-able web pages that provide 24/7 access to conference speakers and attendees.
  • Minimizing your need to be involved in the day-to-day logistics of hotel contracts, catering details, and speaker engagements.
  • Offering graphic design services to ensure that all of your conference materials are professionally prepared and presented.

Contact our Conference Management Team by email or call us at (850) 681-7002 for more information.

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