Child Care WAGE$® FLORIDA Program

Originating in North Carolina through Child Care Services Association, the Child Care WAGE$® FLORIDA Program aims to improve child care quality by reducing turnover and encouraging the continued education of early childhood teachers (including center staff and family child care providers). This program provides education-based salary supplements to early childhood teachers working with children ages birth to five.

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Designed to provide young children with more stable relationships with teachers (a key component of quality), this program rewards teacher education and continuity of care.  More details of the National WAGE$® program are here.

A related program is the:

Afterschool WAGE$® FLORIDA Program

The Afterschool WAGE$® FLORIDA Program is designed to increase stability and improve afterschool program quality by reducing turnover and encouraging continued education of afterschool practitioners. This program provides education based salary supplements for low to moderate wage earners who work with children and youth in grades K-12.

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